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Warmly welcome to my journal

How I Decided to Start My Online Journal
& Coaching Young Women?

In short, I started writing this Journal for sharing my thoughts and ideas with You! It will also be updated with my free resources and materials in future, to serve you in personal and professional development.

On my continuous life and career journey, I have met women who were not in their zone of genius, feeling stuck, low-energy, pressured by one idea of success that Matrix has them locked into. Like having a certain job title or business by X years old, looking gorgeous after working all night (like Meghan Markle in Suits), having recognition of greatness by men in the industry… You name it.

On the other hand, I was also lucky to meet women whose unique magic could be felt from miles away. They were my mentors and helped me to discover my true potential, develop a strong mindset, and become grounded in my authenticity. I learned to choose workplace and environment consciously and now work with the most amazing team. Seeing all the activities of #womensupportingwomen# in 2018, it inspired me to share more with other women and to become a certified life coach. I felt that it is time for me to support women in building harmonious careers.

Instead of riding a highway to burnout due to constant stress, hustle, doubts, imposed beliefs, and wrecked personal life.

I believe that fulfillment in life comes when we fill our days with purpose, intention, like-minded people, and grow by doing what is meaningful to us. While keeping relatives proud because of a cool job title may seem like a quick win,
such kind of benefits don’t last very long. Falling into a wrong line of work and neglecting our truest voice
(muting it due to beliefs imposed by others or lack of self belief) we often end up feeling exhausted and restless.
Like everything is OK, but there is no true joy. Something is not right, and every day turns into a struggle to get motivated.

People often dream about a certain career and lifestyle but give it up without even taking the first step out of the comfort zone, while the worst thing that can happen is often already happening if we are not moving towards our

true, raw, and beautiful vision of life.

So during 2018-2019, while on maternity leave, I completed a life coaching education at Beautiful You Coaching Academy in Australia. Now I am officially certified to support women across the globe who just like I study and work in male-dominated fields such as (but not limited to) STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Who among other things, wish to have a beautiful balance in their professional and personal life, to embrace their femininity and feel confident in their own skin both at and after work. I want to see more young women bring BIG visions to life by working on achievable goals and feeling

empowered, joyful, free, grounded, excited, and proudly feminine


And I opened my coaching business because

I see that each woman who has a work that fits her desired lifestyle, and enables expression of her authentic gifts, lights up the world around us. I care for the world we live in, and I work on it both through my personal choices and by supporting women to take actions that will unlock doors to their joyful life. I started coaching to fill my life with even more joy from doing what lights me up and what I have skills to do.
I create and spread more joy when I work with you in rocking those life and career goals!

Learn more about my offerings below and book a free chat to discover if we are a good match in the coaching world.

About Anna Balciune

Anna is a certified career and life coach and mentor for young women in traditionally male-dominated fields such as STEM. She empowers young women to create an enjoyable career that fits their desired lifestyle, to nurture femininity and shine with confidence, by taking consistent action towards inspiring goals. She is a connectivity strategy & portfolio manager, analytics lead, and a board member of labor unions for graduate professionals at a global telco, as well as a wife and a mum. Anna spent her last decade studying & working in several EU countries, and is now based in Sweden.

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