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I am Anna, a certified life and career coach for women
in technological, traditionally male-dominated fields.

I am passionate about supporting young women to create an enjoyable career that fits their desired lifestyle and guiding them in the journey towards more fulfillment and harmony in professional and personal life. I combine my personal experience in the tech industry with my coaching skills to offer 1:1 career and life coaching services – so that you can develop a career path that is in line with your unique vision of joyful life and confidently make that vision reality.

About Me

Apart from coaching, I am a strategy & execution portfolio manager for connectivity area products, and working at a leading global telecom operator since 2015. Because of my interest in work and life quality, I am also a mentor and a board member of a labor union for university graduated professionals. I combine my passion for technology and people with active personal life, filled with joys of being a wife and a mum (or as Oprah Winfrey says – a spiritual teacher) for two angels. I am living and working in beautiful Sweden.

I feel joy and harmony in my life now, seeing a vision I had become a reality. However…

It all did not just come out of nowhere. I had no Mozart-like talents or sponsors for my education and career planning. Neither was I well prepared to become a parent just when I turned 20. But honestly, I never even had expectations to make living using some magic shortcut or resources that I did not create myself. I was curious, eager to learn, brave enough to take chances, and not scared to get into new fields without a high level of knowledge.

Because there is no one right way to grow!

When I started making my life and career choices as a young adult, some days, everything seemed like a mess. However, I completely surrendered to the bigger vision I had for my life. 

Since I was offered my first job at 16 years old just on the street (while helping a classmate to give away leaflets), I tried several lines of work. After high school I started experimenting in different areas – studies at two universities, becoming a mother, new jobs, internships and training. During my bachelor and master studies, I have lived in 3 different countries and practiced four languages apart from my native. Although by 24, I already had experience in project management, communications, and telecom from several companies and organizations, my personal and professional life was out of balance. I never felt anxious, burned-out, or low in energy, but was spinning like hamster in a wheel and did not nourish myself and my family enough. I delivered a lot but was unaligned with my highest values and passions. Was so focused on DOING and so little on BEING.

As a self-aware person, I soon realized that it is time to create a lasting change in my life. I started to uncover my truest voice and develop a new vision for my future, merging what I had passion doing with how I wanted me and my family to feel every day. I started working as a consultant in different projects for a couple of years before I landed in a company where I felt like home, and I wanted to grow.

I steadily developed an enjoyable life-work balance and felt ready for one more child. I also graduated from a coaching academy to support other women on similar journeys. Family University continues to be my most precious full time education.

I can relate a lot to the words of my friend Aida: “Now I see my profession and life as a painting – beautiful, bold, deep, lively, patterned, but also uneven, dark, broken, rough, changing as the paintings created in 1990 by artist from all over the world on the remains of the Berlin wall, the same year I was born.”

How I Decided to Start Coaching Young Women

On my journey, I meet women who were not in their zone of genius, feeling stuck, low-energy, pressured by one idea of success that Matrix has them locked into. Like having a certain job title and recognition in the industry, or looking gorgeous after working all night (like Meghan Markle in Suits)… You name it. On the other hand, I was also lucky to meet women whose unique magic could be sensed from miles away. Who became my mentors and helped me to discover my true potentials, develop a strong mindset, and become grounded in my authenticity. I learned to choose workplace and environment consciously and have since then been working in ones that feel great to me. Seeing all the activities of #womensupportingwomen in 2018, it inspired me to share more with other women and to become a certified life coach. I felt that it is time for me to support women in building harmonious careers. Instead of riding a highway to burnout due to constant stress, hustle, imposed beliefs, and unsatisfying personal life.

We often dream about a certain career and lifestyle but give it up without even taking the first step out of the comfort zone, while the worst thing that can happen is often already happening if we are not moving towards our

true and beautiful vision of life.

So during 2018-2019, while on maternity leave, I completed a life coaching education at Beautiful You Coaching Academy in Australia. Now I am officially certified to support women across the globe who just like I study and work in technological amd traditionally male-dominated fields such as (but not limited to) STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Who among other things, wish to feel confident in their own skin both at and after work, have more fulfilling balance between their professional and personal life, and live their values. I want to see more young women bring BIG visions to life by working on achievable goals and feeling

empowered, joyful, grounded, and proudly feminine everyday!

I started my business because

I see that each woman who has a work that fits her desired lifestyle, and enables expression of her authentic gifts and values, lights up the world around us. I care for the world we live in, and I work on it both through my personal choices and by supporting women to take actions that will unlock doors to their joyful life. I started coaching to fill my life with even more joy from doing what lights me up and what I have skills to do.

Ar You Interested In

Working with me?

Are you specializing in a technological profession (or willing to study/work in such fields) and need support developing an enjoyable career that fits your desired lifestyle?
Do you want more harmony in your professional and personal life?
Are you willing to make your life more joyful in the long term instead of living an unfulfilling but comfortable life in the short term?
Do you feel like something is holding you back from living your values, speaking your truest voice and having confidence in your decisions?
Or perhaps you are an expat in Sweden and need coaching to understand the society and feel more belonged?

Learn more about my offerings below and book a free chat to discover if we are a good match in the coaching world.

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