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Manage Micro-Stressors to Improve Your Wellbeing

A famous quote by the World Health Organisation says the stress is the health epidemic of the 21st Century. It can cumulate to a range of health problems. Thinking about what’s causing stress, ... READ the POST

A successful mentoring relationship includes conversations about everything

This is a translation of my & my wonderful mentee's Maria Weckman interview for The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. Click here to read the original interview in Swedish. The ... READ the POST

Making a career transition as a multi-passionate professional

If you are a multi-passionate soul (just as I am) then you surely have a variety of interests and qualifications that you want to unleash upon the world. As great as it is a lot of us may find it ... READ the POST

The power of saying ‘NO’

Saying 'No' without a bitter feeling of discomfort is crucial for emotional resilience. Saying 'No' does not equal being negative, but often means being responsible. Being successful in your life and ... READ the POST

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