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What Sunday Scaries Can Teach

Have you ever felt distressed on a Sunday afternoon, thinking about a workday ahead? Similar to feeling blocked to take a decision you don't feel certain about. Has the anxiety ever visited you just ... READ the POST

Manage Micro-Stressors to Improve Your Wellbeing

A famous quote by the World Health Organisation says the stress is the health epidemic of the 21st Century. It can cumulate to a range of health problems. Thinking about what’s causing stress, ... READ the POST

A successful mentoring relationship includes conversations about everything

This is a translation of my & my wonderful mentee's Maria Weckman interview for The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. Click here to read the original interview in Swedish. The ... READ the POST

Making a career transition as a multi-passionate professional

If you are a multi-passionate soul (just as I am) then you surely have a variety of interests and qualifications that you want to unleash upon the world. As great as it is a lot of us may find it ... READ the POST

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