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Warmly welcome to my Journal

Speaking Your Truest Voice

A while ago I had a joy of being interviewed by Kim Gray, a coach for courageous self expression, for her interview series Speaking Your Truest Voice. In our conversation, Kim and I talk about how ... READ the POST

Boost Your Career with Informational Interviews

Have you ever been to an #INFORMATIONALinterview? In a nutshell, informational interview is an informal meeting that you as a potential job-seeker set up with someone who already works in an ... READ the POST

11 Things About Me (Not Related to Work)

Why 11? Because it is a nicer number than 10!I will avoid mentioning something basic like my favorite food and season. According to my diary, at 9 years old, I was dreaming of having a travel ... READ the POST

Let´s Talk About Happiness

What feelings and emotions do you see in this picture? I probably look happy, confident, full of joy, and enjoying a photoshoot. In fact, this picture was taken during one of the toughest periods of ... READ the POST

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