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Healthy boundaries while working from home: 5 tips

For many of us in technological fields working online from home is business as usual. It has a lot of great perks but also challenges, one of the most usual being a blurred line between work-time and ... READ the POST

On a Coast of Somewhere Beautiful: Sweden

Initially written for the Travel Cafe Many people sigh picturing views of Stockholm, the charming capital of Sweden. Some might also praise the cozy Gothenburg, kingdom’s second largest city. ... READ the POST

Speaking Your Truest Voice

A while ago I had a joy of being interviewed by Kim Gray, a coach for courageous self expression, for her interview series Speaking Your Truest Voice. In our conversation, Kim and I talk about ... READ the POST

Boost Your Career with Informational Interviews

Have you ever been to an #INFORMATIONALinterview? In a nutshell, informational interview is an informal meeting that you as a potential job-seeker set up with someone who already works in an ... READ the POST

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