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I am a certified life and career coach for young women in
technological fields such as STEM.

I combine my own personal experience in the tech industry with my coaching skills to offer personal
career and life coaching services – so that you can create a fulfilling career path that fits your desired lifestyle
– without burying your femininity in the industries traditionally dominated by men. I bring my focus, dedication, personal and professional life experiences along with my coaching skills to women I hold space for. I am here to help you uncover your unique version of joyful living and feel confident to move from where you are to where you want to be.

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I support my clients to

⟳ Gain clarity about a career path that is enjoyable and good fit with the most desired lifestyle ⟲
⟳ Build a fulfilling career in STEM fields ⟲
⟳ Release fears, negative beliefs, sabotaging behavior ⟲
⟳ Live their values, break old habits, develop their strengths ⟲
⟳ Own and live high levels of confidence and self-esteem ⟲
⟳ Liberate themselves from self-doubt and pressure ⟲
⟳ Create more balance in personal and professional life ⟲
⟳ Reignite sparkle for their life and work ⟲
⟳ Nourish themselves and their family more ⟲
⟳ Be focused and committed to their vision ⟲

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My offerings

The length of our engagement mostly depends on the depth of work.
We always discuss what option is best for you during our complimentary consult.

Or perhaps you considered becoming a life coach? If yes, have a look at my honest recommendation here (it even includes my coaching series for free).

Values of my business



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