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3-Month Private
Coaching Series

My coaching series are designed for young women who study or work in technological fields such as STEM, and need a burst of motivation + personalised direction, with steps to achieve clearly defined goals.

This coaching package is for you who need guidance + accountability to create some (or all) of the following:

⟳ A career path that is enjoyable and good fit with the most desired lifestyle ⟲
⟳ A clear and inspiring career plan ⟲
⟳ Work that allows you to express your true self ⟲
⟳ Higher levels of confidence, self-esteem and inner peace ⟲
⟳ Clarity about your values, strengths and how to develop them ⟲
⟳ Liberation from old habits, self-doubt and pressure ⟲
⟳ Release of negative beliefs and sabotaging behavior ⟲
⟳ Re-ignition of that sparkle for life and work ⟲
⟳ More balance in personal and professional life ⟲
⟳ More family-time (even if right now you worry about combining it with the current job) ⟲
⟳ Space and time for nurturing your energy ⟲
⟳ Deeper connection to self ⟲

I also coach expats in Sweden who find it hard to untangle all about
the local culture and lifestyle to make living here more enjoyable.

The private coaching series include:

⟳ Pre-Coaching Questionnaire ⟲
⟳ 1 x 90 minutes goal setting session ⟲
⟳ 5 x 60 minutes coaching sessions held bi-weekly ⟲
⟳ Action steps after each session ⟲
⟳ Unlimited email and WhatsApp support between our sessions ⟲
⟳ Personalized tools, worksheets, exercises ⟲
⟳ Access to me to review your CV or similar materials ⟲
⟳ Access to resources from my e-library (articles, podcasts, blog posts) ⟲
⟳ Honest conversations ⟲
⟳ A small intentional gift ⟲

How does it work?

We’ll meet twice a month for 3 months, a total of 6 sessions. Prior to our first session I will send you an initial questionnaire to fill in. Your answers will help us identify the areas to focus on, clarify your vision and give me hints about what you want to achieve. We will then schedule a goal setting session and 5 coaching sessions every two weeks. With my personalized guidance you will create two to three unique goals along with steps for putting the goals into action. All along the way I will support you with practical resources and tips. All tailored specifically for you to boost the results and reap the rewards for a long time to come.

Sessions are held online or face-to-face (if you are located in Sweden).
I work in English, Swedish and Lithuanian languages.

The 3-month Personal Coaching package cost is
900 EUR paid up-front or 330 EUR x 3 month payments

Frequently asked.

What is your area of Coaching?

I am passionate about supporting young women in traditionally male-dominated fields such as STEM to create an enjoyable career that supports their desired lifestyle, boost confidence (without burying femininity in the industries dominated by men) and cultivate more balance in their professional and personal life. By combining my experience in the tech industry with my coaching skills I empower my clients to take consistent action and unlock doors to the life they envision. I coach one-on-one and work mostly online.

How do I know if you are the right coach for me?

The easiest way to get a feeling of how I work is to book a free 30-minutes Complimentary Consult with me.

We are a good fit if: You are a young woman studying or working in technological, traditionally male-dominated fields. You want to have an enjoyable career that supports your lifestyle and is filled with meaning. You don’t want to only hustle. You feel generally confident but still feel like something is holding you back from expressing your truest voice. You’re self-aware, but lack some new tools. You are ready to challenge yourself and take action to reach your goals, and you’d love to have someone help you stay on track and accountable, encourage you as you grow, and celebrate all your successes. You understand that to make a lasting change you’ll need to challenge your thinking, beliefs and habits. You are not afraid to dig deeper and feel excited about it.

We are not a good fit if you are good with your personal and professional life and desire no change. If you are not ready to show up for you or don’t have time for any additional commitments at the moment. If you want to fit into society’s standards although it does not make you happy. If you are looking for a quick-fix and someone to reveal you a ‘secret strategy’. If you are looking for corporate coaching (towards organizational goals). Or if you don’t like cats… (ok, just kidding this might still work!)

What are the values of your business?
  • Trust. I will provide you a safe space, filled with trust and free of judgment. You will set up inspiring, measurable goals that are achievable during our time together. No unrealistic goals or actions. Down to earth instead of “just quit your job and life will be good” kind of suggestions. My professional and life experience will inspire you but never overshadow your unique journey.
  • Joy. I started coaching to fill my life with even more joy from doing what I love and have the skills to do. I create and spread joy when I work with you in rocking those life and career goals! Joy is so important in our everyday life because it captures those magic sparkles that only appear when we are deeply present in a moment.
  • Care. I care for the world, and I work on it both through my personal choices and by supporting you to take action and live the life you dream about. Because each woman who has a fulfilling work which supports her lifestyle and expression of her authentic gifts, lights up the world around us. Together we will carefully asses your situation. I genuinely care for your best interests; therefore, if after our initial consult, I will discover that you need to reach out to another coach for really reaching your goals, I will not hesitate to let you know.
How does Coaching work?

In short, a coach helps you to set and achieve inspiring, realistic and measurable goals in a certain area of life. A coach provides you time and space to dig deeper to uncover your true voice and other hidden or undeveloped gems that only you have, to conquer self doubt, bust through limiting beliefs and discover your personal power. A coach holds you accountable for taking consistent action, empowers and inspires by using different techniques, and provides a range of tools for getting from where you are to where you want to be in the most enjoyable way.  

How much do your services cost?

Pricing of my coaching offerings is under SERVICES. I sometimes offer pro-bono coaching and have special offers – to be first to know sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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